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Balcom Heating & Air offers reliable HVAC services in Sunnyvale, CA, and the surrounding area, specializing in installation service and maintenance on HVAC equipment. With our team's extensive experience in this industry, we are committed to providing superior service, reasonable prices, and an enjoyable customer experience.

No matter the issues with your heating or air conditioning systems, we have the skills and equipment to properly assess the situation, propose the best solution, and take the appropriate action. At Balcom Heating & Air, we offer comprehensive AC services and heating services, including AC installations, furnace repairs, heating installations, and ductless repairs.

As your professional HVAC contractor, our team's expertise can also help you choose more energy-efficient products and maximize the utility and output of your HVAC system. Furthermore, Balcom Heating & Air is dedicated to ensuring that your property's overall HVAC system is in perfect working condition at all times. Balcom Heating & Air strives to provide our community with craftsmanship that lasts a lifetime. So if you need exceptional HVAC services, please don't hesitate to contact us at Balcom Heating & Air today to set up an appointment!


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